Chalkboard Invitations to Make Your wedding Special

Everybody wants to make wedding event special because it is a special moment in one’s life. Wedding is sign of starting a new part of life. Everyone wants to do something new in wedding. So having a wedding card design special is a way to do so. There are many styles for Indian wedding cards are available but trying a different design for wedding card is now in trend. In ancient time, scroll invitations, woods invitation etcetera were at norm. Now these ancient time wedding invitations are in trend for their royal look.

indian wedding cards.jpg
The chalkboard invitations have become trendy now. This kind of wedding invitation makes feel of old grade school where we used chalk and blackboard to read and write. This invitation has chalkboard background, which is generally black, is given. The text on the board is engraved with white color or color of your choice in a way that it kind of makes feel like a chalkboard. Indian wedding card designers are also providing this kind of wedding invitations cards.

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This wedding invitation attracts with its simplistic design and delicate design. These chalkboard invitations come with customize option. You can have your own text, color, size. This invitation has also facility for adding text so guests can reply to RSVP. The chalkboard invitations have now a good place in Indian wedding cards design. These chalkboard invitations also come with additional chalk stick. So you can ship it to your guests and they can write reply to you.

These invitations may not be cheap. But if there is less number of guests are in your list then you can order them. Indian wedding card designers can provide you option for chalkboard invitations to suit your budget. Well if you want to make your wedding special and want to try something new the chalkboard invitation is good option.

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