Reasons for not to have Destination Wedding

Many couples think that destination weddings give romantic and unusual twist to conventional marriages. This trend is being popular nowadays and it has become a status symbol. Well, these weddings give unusual twist by adding some extra elements such as beautiful background. Obviously, such nuptials require a lot of planning and discussion before finalizing. Such weddings may not be in favor of you. There are positives and negatives of these nuptials. Here are some negatives points about these.
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If you want to have a wedding with huge gathering of guests, then destination wedding is not your thing. A few numbers of guests, who all will be your closed ones, will attend nuptial. Sometime such weddings can result in high budget. There will be a few numbers of outstation guests at local nuptial, but everyone will be outstation guest, including you, at destination nuptial. According to common etiquette, wedding couple should pay for all expenses of guests like hotel accommodation, local sightseeing. Well, you cannot know how much these can cost.
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These weddings require unlimited planning and checklists for various wedding aspects such as accommodation, ticket arrangements, wedding cards and wedding vendors et cetera. You have to look for climatic conditions of new destination. There are chances that few of your best friends or close relatives may not be able to attend due to destination problem. Your friend may have an important work to do at office on same day of your nuptial. That will make him/her unable to attend marriage right after finishing work.

If you have planned to stay there for honeymoon right after your nuptial and few guests decide to overstay, then your entire plan can get spoiled. You cannot ask them to leave due to etiquette and you will have to host them rather than spending time with spouse. Well, if you are not able to travel to desired location, you can add personal touch to local venue by adding a few things such as waterfalls, beach et cetera. You can convert it into desired location. If you still want to go for destination wedding, consider positives and negatives of it before finalizing.

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